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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Hello world!

Hello world!

Okay,  here goes….after posting one more diabetes related post on my Facebook, I’ve decided maybe I need a place to vent, to ponder, to share….

Will anyone want to read what I have to say?  Who knows…but I’ve got to get it out, especially at 3 am when I am up doing blood sugar checks on my 11 year old daughter who is a T1DM.  That’s Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus aka Juvenile Diabetes for those of you who aren’t familiar with diabetes.  T1DM is an autoimmune disease wherein the body produces antibodies that attack the pancreas.  It is not caused by poor diet or lack of exercise, nor can it be controlled by improving diet and exercise.  T1DM is insulin-dependent.  My daughter will have to rely on insulin injections for the rest of her life….pending a cure, that is.

So that’s where I am starting…I’ll be back on the next one of those long sleepless nights to tell you more….