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Serendipity? Really?

Serendipity? Really?

My previous post was titled “Serendipity” and I know it begs the question “How could a child being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes be serendipitous?” The dictionary  defines serendipity as “the accidental discovery of something pleasant, valuable, or useful.” Some of it’s synonyms are chance, fate, providence, luck, coincidence— hardly words we’d use to describe the death of a pancreas and the management of a chronic disease. But our lives have been filled with serendipity since 12/20/2010:

  1.  the change of KC’s well-visit from Dec. 14 to Dec. 20 because one week earlier her symptoms were not on the forefront of our minds. We could have missed this early diagnosis completely and KC could have collapsed on the basketball court.
  2.  the fact that Dr. N. was the enocrinologist who took our pediatrician’s call that day. The only ped. endo, that I knew by name prior to 12/20/2011 and one that I knew to be the best.
  3. the fact that we had all of Christmas break to begin to adjust to the changes in our lives
  4.  being able to reach the school principal during a school vacation and having her complete support
  5.  learning that our school librarian was also an RN
  6.  the words of Nurse Sarah who told us that unknown to us, KC was not the only Type 1 in the room with us and that in the coming weeks, we would be surprised to learn how many people with Type 1 were already connected to our lives. She was the T1 in the room with us–what an inspiration to see a healthy wife/mother/nurse living with diabetes.
  7.  Nurse Sarah’s words came true–we were overwhelmed by the number of PWD who came to light after KC’s diagnosis…some we knew about–the mom of one of KC’s classmates in kindergarten (dx age 19), the 13 year old boy who lives next door (dx age 9) and some we didn’t–old friend from high school (dx age 7 ) and the wife of another friend from high school (dx age 28). The list grows everyday with cousins of friends, co-workers, the receptionist at KC’s school and on and on.
  8.  knowing each of these wonderful PWD and their stories
  9. having someone right next door who understood EXACTLY what we were feeling and knowing exactly what we needed.
  10. and weird as it sounds…having a child with a food allergy. 13 years of reading labels for #1 son prepared us!
  11.  finally, knowing that KC is an extremely intelligent, independent, hard-working, driven child who would want to take control of her diabetes and would follow the rules. She is amazing!


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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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