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Mickey, Minnie, & a CWD

My biggest fear when planning for the trip to DisneyWorld was that KC would be running high. I figured that the heat, excitement, and lots of walking plus less control of meals would wreak havoc on her blood sugar. Well, the one thing that is consistent about the beast known as T1DM is that it will make a fool out of you time and time again!

KC ran normal with drops toward low every day. I can handle that…give her a juice box and we were good to go! She ate ice cream and french fries–absolute heaven for her!

Then came the nights….she wanted me to sleep with her, so #1 son got the sleeper sofa, J got his own bed, and we girls bunked together. The first night I was awakened by her CGM with a low prediction, checked her BG and she was within normal. Went back to sleep only to be awakened an hour later…rechecked BG, same story. This pattern continued for 4 hours until she finally dropped below 70. I gave her 4 sugar packets, plus the one that ended up all over the sheets…isn’t that comfy! And then she was normal until breakfast. Next night, CGM started alarming every 15 minutes. Took an hour to get her up to normal and then a peaceful night. The third night I gave her a glass of milk before bed with no bolus…and then, thankfully, no lows that night! You gotta do what you gotta do…


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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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