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Mother’s Intuition

Another night of waking up from a sound sleep for no reason and then tossing and turning as I try to fall back to sleep. I finally gave up and decided to check on KC. As I opened her door, I could hear the vibrating alarm of her CGM. “Low prediction 78” was flashing on the screen. I reached for her meter just as the alarm started beeping continually.

What made me get up and check? Is it mother’s intuition? Divine intervention?

When KC’s doctors told us we didn’t have to do middle of the night checks anymore, I came up with my own system for determining if I would need to check her. I was in the habit of checking her when I went to bed and if her numbers were higher or lower than I felt comfortable with I would set my alarm and check her around 3 am.

One night, after a particularly exhausting day, her numbers were borderline for “my” scale. I knew my husband was really tired and I didn’t want to wake him up with the alarm. So I said to myself and God “Wake me up at 3.”

I fell soundly asleep. Suddenly, I was startled awake. It felt like someone grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me…hard. I sat up and looked at the clock — 3:02 am. I jumped out of bed and raced into KC’s room and checked her BG. She was 68. I was freaked out!

Since then, KC has gone on a CGM. I now check the monitor at bedtime and decide what the night’s plan of action will be. She does wake up with the alarm and come alert me, but more often than not, I’ve woken up, tossing and turning, and decided to check her only to walk in as the alarm is sounding.

And this isn’t something that happens every night…maybe once every couple of weeks.

So I this mother’s intuition?  I know that other moms of CWD have had the same experience.  Do dads?


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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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