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Monthly Archives: November 2011

“I’m gonna wait till the midnight hour…”

What is the magic blood sugar number at bedtime? Seems like every D Mama has her own “magic number” that gives her the piece of mind to go to bed. For me that number ranges from 120 to under 200 (with CGM showing steady–no ups or down arrows). BG below 120 makes me low will it go?

Tonight KC was 85 at bedtime snack. A cookie and a glass of milk made little impact…her CGM said 104 with 1 arrow down when I checked her at 11:00. BG showed 90. So I gave her two glucose tabs (she loves when I wake her up for glucose tabs…that’s sarcasm, folks) and 15 minutes later she was at 91. So here I sit, wondering, worrying….

I cut her basal rate by 25% for 30 minutes and will then check again. Hopefully, the “magic number” will appear by midnight.

*Update*   114 at midnight….off to bed I go….


Giving Thanks

1 year ago today, KC and I went to a fundraiser for our local Children’s Hospital called “Fantasy of Trees.” It consists of Christmas trees and gingerbread houses created/donated by groups/businesses/schools and individuals which are then sold to the public. It was third year that KC had helped create a tree donated by her school and our first visit to Fantasy of Trees. It was beautiful and festive, but what sticks out for me is that KC was complaining of hunger and thirst, a headache and nausea. No fever, no flu. Less than one month later she was diagnosed with T1DM. In retrospect, I am sure she was experiencing extremely high blood sugar that morning.

We went back to Fantasy of Trees this morning…and as her “diaversary” approaches I am flooded with memories and emotion. But so thankful that her T1 was caught early.

Tomorrow will be her first Thanksgiving since diagnosis and we will begin wrapping up the last of the “firsts”…and I am thankful that she is doing so well. T1 is not without bumps along the way, but we have managed to get through each hurdle.

I am thankful for a loving husband (and doting father), two wonderful children and all of our family. I am thankful for our friends and school community. I am thankful for the DOC and the support I receive from people I’ve never met. I am thankful for our wonderful endocrinologist and his staff. I am thankful for all the medical advances that are keeping my girl alive. I am thankful there are people working to cure this #$%# disease.

As we prepare for tomorrow’s feast, I’ve been preplanning KC’s meal. Thought this might help some of you:

1/3 cup of stuffing is 15 g. of carbs
1 dinner roll (brown and serve type) is 12 g. of carbs
1/3 cup of sweet potato casserole with 1/3 cup of mini marshmallows is 31 g. of carbs

I put the sweet potato casserole in individual ramekins to control portion size.
KC doesn’t like mashed potatos, so no carbs wasted on those for her!

I cheated and bought a frozen pumpkin pie because it has a carb count on it—and got her Cool whip to go on top.
A blessed and joyous Thanksgiving to you all!

Trick or Treat? Halloween and T1DM

Halloween—a time for scary ghost stories,horror movies, and haunted houses.  That’s enough to put fear into the hearts of many people.  But for parents of T1DM’s the scariest part of Halloween is not the tricks but the treats.  How can we keep our T1 on an even keel with all that candy around?

Some parents choose to avoid trick or treating.  Some give out toys or stickers instead of candy.

My goal as KC’s mom is to give her as normal of a life as possible.  And this year, that meant letting her trick or treat with her friends.  We prepared for the night by bolusing her dinner on the high side to keep her numbers lower.  It was also a site change day (as are Thanksgiving and Christmas as she pointed out to me–she has them marked on her calendar) which meant that her CGM would need to be calibrated during the trick or treating.  I was so proud that she managed to calibrate by the light of her friend’s cell phone and then kept on going.  Her CGM alerted her that she was running low, so she popped a candy or two along the way.  By the time she was done, her BG was 100!  All the walking also helped maintain the lower BG.  Anyway, she felt like a normal kid!

So what to do with the candy afterwards?  First, as always, KC divided up her candy–giving her milk allergic brother all the dairy-free candy (which meant she got to keep all the chocolate!).  She took two mini tootsie rolls to add to her lunch at school today.  After school, we wrote the carb count on each candy bar, lollipop, and bag of M&Ms and then placed them in a storage container to be used for special snacks and to treat lows.  Lucky for her (at least to her way of thinking) she dropped to 45 tonight and had to eat a fun size Milky Way and mini Kit Kat+ a bag of M&M’s to bring her sugar back up.  Glad we didn’t get rid of the candy!

Here  is a carb chart for the most common Halloween candies that I used to help label her candy.  What a wonderful tool!

candy count