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“I’m gonna wait till the midnight hour…”

What is the magic blood sugar number at bedtime? Seems like every D Mama has her own “magic number” that gives her the piece of mind to go to bed. For me that number ranges from 120 to under 200 (with CGM showing steady–no ups or down arrows). BG below 120 makes me low will it go?

Tonight KC was 85 at bedtime snack. A cookie and a glass of milk made little impact…her CGM said 104 with 1 arrow down when I checked her at 11:00. BG showed 90. So I gave her two glucose tabs (she loves when I wake her up for glucose tabs…that’s sarcasm, folks) and 15 minutes later she was at 91. So here I sit, wondering, worrying….

I cut her basal rate by 25% for 30 minutes and will then check again. Hopefully, the “magic number” will appear by midnight.

*Update*   114 at midnight….off to bed I go….


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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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