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Another reminder of the “New Normal”….

I have always hated visiting the eye doctor. I dread those appointments the way most people dread the dentist. Give me a good teeth cleaning over an eye exam any day! You see I’ve worn glasses since I was in the third grade and got contacts as a freshman in high school. I’ve spent hours in the exam room trying to determine if “this one is better than….click…this one.” What do you mean by better? Bigger or sharper? The pressure to pick the right one still makes my blood pressure rise.

And even though, I wasn’t the patient this morning, I was still anxious. Today was KC’s first eye exam since her T1 dx. As I sat there, while her eyes were being dialated, I was hit by the overwhelming sense of loss. Again, the loss of her old life…carefree and healthy. Back when we were only worried that she might need glasses. Now new words buzz on the doctor’s computer monitor and reverberate in my head.–“diabetic retinopathy.” One more thing to worry about; one more possible complication. One more reminder that things other people take for granted, like good eyesight, are always at risk for KC and other PWD.

Yes, her eyesight was fine. But the cloud is always there…

The fact that #1 son needed glasses was almost a relief! Something that can be fixed easily. Something “normal.”



**UPDATE***July 2013  At our JDRF Walk Awards ceremony they announced that the FDA has approved a drug that will successfully reverse diabetes-onset blindness.  I do not remember the name of the drug but that is wonderful news!



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