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Happy Valentine’s Day! mySentry Revisited

Can’t believe that one month has passed already! And I know you are wondering

“…well?!!!!! Do you still love it?”

And the answer is….

Yes, but not without some caveats.

First off, I do feel less stressed about nighttimes. Overall, we have seen an improvement in KC’s morning numbers because I have been more aware of changes during the night. But it has taken some getting used to!


– I wish the monitor had an “away” function. It seems odd to have the monitor searching for the pump, when KC is away from the house.
– because this monitor is tied to the CGM, it has the same problems as the CGM. For example, occassionally on site change nights (we usually change between 4 and 5 p.m.) KC will go low around 10 pm and will drop rapidly. It takes the CGM a long time to catch up to her current blood glucose readings. What this means is that the CGM will continue to alert lows long after her BG is in the normal range…and therefore, the mySentry will continue to alert me of lows even though her BG is in the normal range. Which leads to the next con.
– you must remember to clear each alert from the pump in order for the alerts to stop sounding. In the case of situations like the one I described above, I must continue to get up and clear the alert each time even though I know her blood glucose is normal.
– as a result of the over-prediction of lows in such cases, I have ended up giving her too many carbs to bring her up which have then caused highs around 3 am. We’ve had about 3 nights like this–until I began to be more proactive. Now when KC is under 110 after 10 pm, I give her 2 glucose tabs. This small amount brings her up enough to stave off a further drop in glucose levels. This appears to be working–she is still a little high upon waking at 6 am, but we pre-bolus breakfast by 10 minutes and then she is usually back to normal by her morning snack time.


– I have been able to catch lows early on as I mentioned above
– I have been able to treat highs without fear of falling asleep and missing lows that occur from correcting the high
– in our house, KC is read by the mySentry in almost every room in the house (we have a three story house and she is read in the 3rd floor playroom as well as on the first floor. Her Outpost in located in her room on the second floor.)
– I love that I can monitor her BG when she is in the bath or shower.
– I love that when she is home, I can check her BG without asking her (my husband commented on the same thing…he said he loved that when he passed by our room he could look in and see what her BG is.)
– I love that I can hear the alarms when I am watching TV in our family room.


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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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