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One of Those Nights….and tonight is another one…

On night’s like this,I find myself talking back to our mySentry…and cussing at it. We’ve got a love/hate relationship, mySentry and me. Actually, I love mySentry and the fact that it alerts me to changes in KC’s blood sugar. What I hate is that I need to be alerted…what I hate is that my daughter had Type 1 diabetes. As I’ve stated before, most days, T1 is just part of our routine but then there are days like the past two days.

At 7 pm last night , KC was70 then by 11 pm she was 312. Correction by pump and one hour later she was 302. Another hour, and she was 294, which meant correction by injection. I tried to compensate for active insulin (or “insulin on board”) but not well enough….at 4 am the mySentry went off with a low prediction. She was 91; I cut her basal rate by 30%. At 4:30, she was 63. What would have happened if I hadn’t had the mySentry? First, I would have been afraid to treat the high for fear of the crashing low and if I had, well, how low would she have gone by the time my alarm went off at 6 am? And yes, I could have monitored the old-fashioned way by setting an alarm clock or timer to wake me up to check on her or I could have crawled into bed with her so I could hear her pump alarms. But what if I didn’t wake up?  It is impossible to sleep through the mySentry alarm-the first beep gets me as does the flashing ligh.

And tonight….300’s all evening until 9:30 then her BG was 48. She’s had ice cream and glucose tabs which brought her up to the 90’s but back down into the 70’s and dropping at 10:15. So tonight I’m trying something new….I’ve unplugged her pump and am waiting for all the active insulin to be gone…just letting it drip out. She’s afraid I will forget to plug her back in….so here I sit, typing away to pass the time.


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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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  1. Oh the joys of playing pancreas! We have had weeks like that where I basically begged our endo nurse to tell me I was missing something…but no, all she said was “welcome to hell a.k.a puberty”. Don’t you ever think to yourself “if I die and come back something else, I would make one heck of a pancreas!”. Hope you get sleep sometime this week. We caught highs, now it’s lows for random reasons during the night with no trend showing….we wrote her pancreas a hate letter :/

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