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Diabetes Blog Week Day #7: Diabetes Hero

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Thanks to “Diabetesmine” for this image!

Who is my Diabetes hero?  KC, of course!  But you know that already…

So who else inspires me?  Celebrities/athletes with Type 1 help my daughter see that any dream is still a possibility, so I love when they are advocates for children with Type 1. But my real heroes are more ordinary people.

  • Joe, an old friend from my high school days, who has just completed his 40th year with Type 1.  He’s a successful husband and father and has always been an all-around good guy (and his wife, Heidi-although we’ve never  met-is one of my heroes as well!)  His words of encouragement have been a huge help.
  • Kelly, a mom I met when KC was in kindergarten, was diagnosed at 19 and  never hid her Type 1. She was the first person I knew with an insulin pump.  She was also one of the first people I contacted after KC was diagnosed.  Kelly is an active, creative mother of three.  (and I can’t forget her husband, Don!)

Why are they my heroes?  They represent KC’s future.  An adult life with a spouse and children.  A career.  Love.  The dreams a parent has for any child.

Joe and Kelly are just two of the amazing people living full lives with Type 1 Diabetes.  Before KC was diagnosed I had no idea the challenges they faced.  They are real-life heroes as is every person living with Type 1 (and those amazing parents who try to “think like a pancreas” every day!).


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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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