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Beach Bound with a Pumper: what’s a mother to do?

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We have the opportunity to go to the Bahamas this summer. Woo Hoo! Awesome, right? Yes it is….until I start to think about the logistics of taking a kid on an insulin pump there. So my brain is in overdrive, trying to plan for every contingency.

DisneyWorld worked out great last year. How can I make this trip just as easy?

Here’s my plan:

-my husband is traveling a day earlier than the rest of our crew so he will be bringing the suitcases
-the kids and I will each have a backpack; mine will be filled with KC’s diabetic supplies

And then:
-have a letter from her endo stating all her meds, pump, cgm and supplies + medical need for juice boxes and snacks while traveling
-pack instruction manuals for pump/cgm to show TSA
-I plan on asking for “wanding” for KC- or at least no x-ray of pump
-contact airline in advance to ask what else we can do to make this easier

Medtronic has great suggestions on their website: including a travel card to present to the airlines/TSA regarding insulin pumps and CGM’s.

I also printed out information from TSA and the JDRF website

Okay….that just gets us on the plane and hopefully, through customs….

We will be staying at a resort with lots of water activities including a water park,  “river,” and swimming with dolphins.  Yeah….and we are still using a traditional insulin pump.  Not a tubeless patch pump….as KC reminds me daily that she now wants.

I want her to be able to do everything she wants to do on this trip. So I need to figure out ways to accommodate those wants.  We will only have two and 1/2  days at the resort which is a good thing!

She will be needing a site change on the first full day on the island.  I’ve told her she can go cgm-less that day and the next to do her dolphin swimming etc.  Fear of losing CGM in ocean now set aside.

We are used to taking her pump off for swimming, but what to do about walking on the beach?  I dread the thought of sea water and sand + insulin pump.  I spent some time surfing the DOC and discovered a product called an Aquapac.  It is a waterproof case for insulin pumps that has a place for the tube to come out.  It is not recommended for long term immersion/submersion.  Ours has already arrived and KC is excited about trying it in the shower—great to use when she is running high but needs to bathe! **Please note that the manufacturer states that the insulin flow will be slightly restricted due to the watertight seal.  I know I will feel much better about letting her hang out on the beach with this product.  I’ve also bought a Pelican 1060 waterproof hard case to store the pump when she is disconnected.  I can put the Frio cooling case we took to Orlando in the Pelican to help keep the insulin cool.

We are weeks away from this trip….keep us in your prayers as we plan!

I’ll let you know how it goes!


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  1. She wore the Aquapac in the shower…worked great!

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