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As If Grocery Shopping isn’t hard enough….

If you’ve got a teenage boy, you know how much they eat! #1 son is eating me out of house and home! Hit the grocery store for the 3rd time this week only to be blindsided by a product change.

As I’ve mentioned before, #1 son has a milk-allergy. Not lactose intolerance but a real-live anaphylaxis-causing milk allergy. We are extremely careful and because of his diligence he has only needed 2 epi-pen shots in his life…the last one at age 4.

But living dairy-free is challenging and you learn which things he can have and which he can’t. Grocery shopping is dictated by which stores carry with dairy-free items. Today KC and I were shopping at KROGER and I asked her to go get wheat bread. She knows which brand we buy,–KROGER BRAND–but double checked the ingredients out of habit. Luckily, she did. It turns out that KROGER decided to change bakeries to SARA LEE, a company which puts milk in just about everything. So because some purchasing pinhead (apologies to non-pinhead purchasing people) decided to save a few pennies, KROGER will have less of my business. When you buy 3 loaves of bread a week, and you are on a budget, you don’t buy expensive bread–and since most expensive bread contains milk then options are even more limited even if my budget wasn’t. A Publix just opened near me and another is scheduled to open in a couple of months…guess Publix will get most of my business since if I’m running in to buy bread, then I may as well buy_________fill in the blank.


Duncan Hines changed their cake mix formula from “milk-free” to “contains milk” about 7 years ago…..I called them and complained.  Then at some point they switched back to the original formula–I guess I wasn’t the only one to complain!



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