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Monthly Archives: September 2012

You Can Call It Fall, If That’s What You Please….But I Say I like Autumn

Here we are on the edge of September already….where has the time gone? KC has been in school since Aug. 14. It has been a whirlwind of volleyball, homework, and dealing with the social lives of both a 7th grader and sophomore. Today starts the first day of a much needed Fall Break.

Ahhhhhh…..Fall! It seems like everyone I talk to lately, loves this time of year. KC says it’s the smells of autumn that make it so special. We recently made a trip to Bath and Body Works so she use a gift card to purchase her Autumn scent collection. Her Pink Chiffon has been retired to make way for Honey Autumn Apple. She loves scenty things….lotion, bath gel, room spray.

For me, it’s the colors, the feel of the air, the change in the sunlight. It brings an energy that was lacking in those last few lazy weeks of summer. It’s football (but don’t get me started on the Seahawks vs. Packer game) and chili. It’s putting away summer clothes and wrapping up in something cozy. It’s opening windows and letting in fresh air–no more stale AC (at least not every day–here in the South, we aren’t completely done with hot weather). It’s boating on a lake devoid of wakeboarders, with only the occasional powerboat among scattered sailboats.

It’s also a time of “what’s up with that” blood glucose numbers. The unexplainable, unpredictable highs mixed with out of nowhere lows….I’m used to the ups and downs brought on by KC’s volleyball games. But we’ve seen some bizarre numbers for NO apparent reason. My D-Mama neighbor called me on Tuesday wondering in KC’s numbers were as out of control as her son’s (#1 son’s best friend). It must be in the air! One thing we do know is that since her Aug.4 endo clinic appointment, KC has grown at least an inch. She was 5’8″ on that date and is now taller than me (I’m about 5’9″ and she passed me up!- Both kids love calling me their “little mama.” I haven’t been the littlest person in my family since I was 9! The good news: her a1c was 6.5—one whole year of being under 7!

KC’s middle school volleyball team ended up in first place in the division.  They won the high school feeder school tournament at the start of the season and have the league tournament in one week.  As much as I love watching her play, I will be glad when the season is over!  We can then think about making adjustments to her basal/bolus rates.

And slow down and enjoy all of autumn’s glory!

Some of you may have recognized the title of this post….yep, it’s from Barney!  And every year we have to sing that song, because we “think we like Autumn!”