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“Be Prepared”

As I sit here keeping my eye on the storm that is battering my part of the country right now, I can’t help but worry about power outages, trees going down, and the other types of damage that can occur when Mother Nature’s wrath is unleashed. Like some of you, I have the necessary emergency supplies….scattered all over my house, which is being remedied as this is being written.

Since KC was dx’d with T1DM, emergency preparedness has taking on new importance. It is no longer just about having flashlights, batteries etc. Because those ordinary items won’t help KC if the power goes out….and the fridge loses power…and insulin spoils. I go into a panic every time we lose power…and have taken measures to protect her source of life. First, we keep her insulin in a plastic box in a mini-fridge so it is easy to grab. Second, I purchased a fridge thermometer so I know if the insulin in at a safe temperature. Third, our latest precaution is the purchase of a Duracell Powersource 1800 generator to power the mini fridge in the event of an outage.  We have also added a solar powered cell-phone charger to our supply kit.  Hurricane Sandy, and what my D-Mama friends in New Jersey and New York went through, woke me up.

Below is a Ready Kit checklist our local Emergency Management Agency supplied as well as pdfs of the emergency wallet card they recommend. readykit checklist

ICE wallet card 1 front 

ICE wallet card back

Get Ready Knoxville Worksheet

Parents of T1DM’s have more to add to the list such as, extras of every pump supply they have, extra cgm supplies, the sick box/bag, rubbing alcohol, juice boxes, glucose tabs etc.

Take the time now to gather necessary items.  Be prepared and stay safe!


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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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