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Permission to Test

3 years ago #1 son took the ACT as a 7th grader. We were understandably nervous, but knew the test was really just for the experience of taking it. As a member of Duke Tip (Duke University’s Talent Identification Program), he was eligible to take either the ACT or SAT that year. He did very well and was honored at Duke University for his achievement. From that moment, KC has been talking about when she takes the ACT. ( Have I mentioned that she is extremely competitive with big brother?)

3 years ago was before….

Before diabetes entered our lives.

Today KC is taking the ACT. This time I’m not nervous about the test itself. But I am nervous about how will her diabetes behave today.

When I registered her for the test a few months ago, I came across the section that asks if the student has any special needs such as…..and there it was….DIABETES.

Diabetes is a special need. As much as we try to live our lives acting as if diabetes is just a nuisance or an inconvenience, I was reminded again that it is so much more. I was reminded that my child, who needs to eat and drink when she needs to eat and drink in order to stay alive has to seek permission in order to eat or drink in order to stay alive. Reminded that my daughter who needs to test her blood sugar to stay alive must seek permission to test her blood sugar to stay alive. (SIGH…)

act diabetes form


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