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Practically Perfect In Every Way

For years, I have told KC that like Mary Poppins, she is “practically perfect in every way,” so when my mom suggested seeing the National Tour of the musical “Mary Poppins” the answer was an automatic yes. My mom and KC are both March birthdays-one day apart. And we were able to get tickets to see the matinee on KC’s actual birthday. Woo hoo! A teenager at last! Happy 13th.

About a month before the show, I noticed a Facebook posting by Medtronic announcing that the actress playing Mary Poppins on the tour was Madeline Trumble, JDRF advocate and Type 1 since the age of 4. I thought how amazing this news was…KC is a huge theatre fan (remember acting camp last summer?) plus she loves singing and dancing. What an inspiration for her to see someone succeeding in a something KC loves! I ended up contacting our local JDRF office and asked if they could help set up a meet and greet. They thought it was a terrific idea and started working on it. I didn’t let KC know because I didn’t want her to be disappointed. The “green light” phone call came the afternoon before the performance.

As I watched the performance, my mind was racing. Does she wear a pump? How can she “fly” like that with a pump on? Does she go low or high after a performance? How does her body handle doing two shows some days? And as I read her Playbill bio, I was struck by her thank you to her mom. Yeah, I know, many of the performers thank their parents. BUT….a d-parent knows the struggle that a parent and child with Type 1 go through and the bond forged by that struggle. That “As always-for mom” line was a poignant reminder of that bond. I thought of her mother worrying about this talented young woman whose life is on the road a different city every few days. I thought about my girl and her dreams, ambitions, future. The magic of the show captured my attention and I was able to sit back and enjoy it, although nervously awaiting telling KC about her surprise.   But we kept it a secret from KC…..until the performance was over. We headed to the stage door and word was sent to Maddy that we were there.


After a short wait, a lovely, big-eyed young woman shyly greeted us. There she was! Mary Poppins herself! She graciously gave us a tour of her dressing room, backstage and even led us onto the actual stage. Our conversation ranged from the play itself to how she manages her diabetes on the road. We learned that she wears a purple version of the same pump that KC wears. We talked a1cs, and treating lows. We shared stories of pump alarms going off while on stage. We discussed the difficulty of getting good health care on the road. Maddy said that meeting young people with T1 reminds her to take care of herself. We talked about the latest pump technology and cgms. Her mother wants her to get one and she’d never seen one in person. So KC let her check hers out. We reminded her that if a 13 year old can do it, so can she! Even if the needles are scary big!

It was a meeting that reminded me that KC will have a life of her own, out of my control, as it should be.

And in the words of one of the songs from the musical:

Anything can happen if you let it
Sometimes things are difficult but you can bet it
Doesn’t have to be so

Changes can be made

You can move a mountain if you use a larger spade

Anything can happen, it’s a marvel

You can be a butterfly

Or just stay larval

Stretch your mind beyond fantastic
Dreams are made of strong elastic

Take some sound advice and don’t forget it

Anything can happen if you let it

I wonder…

Anything can happen if you let it

You won’t know a challenge until you’ve met it

No one does it for you

No one but yourself
Vacillating violets get left up on the shelf
Anything can happen, just imagine

That should be epitaph
I wear the badge in
Honour of this world’s free thinkers

Those who see beyond their blinkers

Jelly isn’t jelly

‘Til you set it
Anything can happen if you let it

Anything can happen if you let it
What good is a whistle

Unless you whet it

Broaden your horizons

Open different doors

You may find a you there that you never knew was yours

Anything can happen

Raise the curtain
Things you though impossible

Will soon seem certain

Thought at first it may sound clownish
See the world more upside-downish
Turn it on its head then pirouette it

Anything can happen if you let it

If you reach for the stars
All you get are the stars
But we’ve found a whole new spin
If you reach for the heavens
You get the stars thrown in

Anything can happen if you let it
Life is out there waiting so go and get it
Grab it by the collar, seize it by the scruff
Once you’ve started living life you just can’t get enough

Anything can happen, it’s official
You can choose the super or the superficial
Sally forth the way we’re steering
Obstacles start disappearing
Go and chase your dreams you won’t regret it
Anything can happen
(Anything can happen)
Anything can happen

Anything can happen

If you let it


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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! You touched my heart with the bit about the bond a mother and her type 1 child share. This is so true. I love that I have this extra special bond with my son, but so sad that it has to be that way.

    I’m so glad you daughter was able to meet someone with type 1 who has a career in the field she is looking to get into. I have often wanted to do the same for my son, but had no idea who to make it happen. I will definately contact JDRF if I find myself in a similar situation.

    • Looking forward to reading your blog! I normally shy away from things like asking favors from JDRF, but thought I’d try! So truly “anything can happen if you let it.” What are your son’s interests?

      • TV and video games 24/7 if I let them. But I don’t! Oldest enjoys video game/ graphic design and reading. Type 1 son enjoys golf and architecture and history. I am hoping to take him to the Shell Houston Open later this month. Perhaps we will run into Scott Verplank, a fellow Texan and Type 1 golfer.

      • Definitely pursue arranging a meeting with Scott Verplank. I know a mom in FL who had the opportunity for her daughter to meet LPGA golfer Michelle McGann another T1. JDRF is a good place to start!

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