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#HAMWC Day 8: If Diabetes were an animal it would be….

wego day 8

If Type 1 diabetes were an animal, which one would it be?


white swan


“The Swan: The epitome of grace and beauty, the swan is one of the last animals we’d imagine to be anything other than elegant. Tranquil ponds and romantic scenes wouldn’t be complete without a pair of white swans floating peacefully along. When they put their heads together, their long curved necks form a heart, making them all the more symbolic of love. These birds are lovely. Just look here for proof. There’s nothing I could possibly say to make you think otherwise, right?

Wrong! Swans are prone to aggression and very territorial. Just ask this unlucky bride who upset the wrong bird. Though I don’t believe swans are responsible for any human deaths yet, they have caused alarm to those canoeing through their territory. Not only do they attack by flying at perceived threats at full speed and biting them, they’ll also try to drown you if given the chance: “They are known to fly up over and try to keep something underwater if they perceive it as threat.” “(thanks to for the description)


My reasons for choosing the swan?  Like the swan, children with Type 1 are beautiful. They handle their disease with grace and dignity. On the surface, all seems well.  But inside is an aggressive disease that is always trying to stake its claim.  Sometimes, diabetes strikes high,  flying at the body with full speed and other times, the body will be forced down and held low….and then out of the blue, the calm, graceful beauty will be back again.

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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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