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Diabetes Blog Week Day 5: Freaky Friday

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I loved the movie “Freaky Friday”..both the Jodie Foster original and the LiLo remake…..what would it be like to change places with someone and really live life in their shoes?  What an opportunity!

Which brings up T\today’s blog prompt:  what  disease you would like to trade for diabetes for one day….


Well…..I wouldn’t trade the known for the unknown. That being said, I think I’d like my kids to trade for a day.  Let #1 son see what Type 1 diabetes is like and let T1D daughter see what a day without milk/cheese is like!  Each kid thinks they have it worse….”Yeah, but KC can eat anything she wants, all she has to do is have some insulin….I eat some cheese and I could die!”   “You think it’s fun having to check your bg all day and wear a pump stuck to you…always having to count everything thing you eat?  No insulin and I could die….so there!”

SHAZAM!  Roles are reversed.  How would they react?  What would they think?  #1 son would probably enjoy the ice cream but get sick of my nagging “What’s your bg?   You can only have one serving (to the kid who can eat a quart of So Delicious Soy ice cream in one sitting) and let me measure it for you.”  As for KC…”no you can’t have string cheese, or mac and cheese, or that glass of milk with your cookie.  You want pizza?  Let’ s get you one with extra sauce, no cheese and extra pepperoni!  No we can’t go to Chick Fil A for nuggets and ice cream….both have milk…did you forget?”


Hmmmmm….me thinks they might prefer to go back to their old lives!  And maybe understand each other a little better!


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Mother of with food allergy and one with Type 1 diabetes.

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  1. Good answer. I think we are all more comfortable in our own bodies and our own familiarity. I’ve learned to adapt to the restrictions (is it blasphemous to use that word?) that diabetes has placed on me. The learning process, and the trial-and-error that goes with it (how much insulin do I need for this? will I have a severe allergic reaction if I eat that?) is the hardest and scariest part.

  2. I also have one child with T1D and another with food allergies. The difference is, we’ve been living with my 9 year old son’s food allergies for 7 years, while my 6 year old daughter’s diabetes has only been around for two months. So the food allergies have been background noise for a long time. (Our friends and family are far more stressed out by it than I am!)

    The good news is, that I’m sure her D will become background noise too. (My husband’s D certainly is, after 14 years) but right now, today, the thought of asking them to trade wouldn’t feel even Steven at all! Right now, two months in, while we’re still adjusting, her burden is much heavier.

    • I think the burden is heavier on T1D as well, but my non-D kiddo sometimes feels his D sister gets more attention because of D. (15 years of food allergy, 2 1/2 years of D). His feelings are his feelings, whether I agree or not! And I think my D daughter wasn’t as sensitive to how he felt about not having dairy (and maybe still isn’t). Siblings will always have differences…overall they get along well! My kids are the same age difference as yours! I’ve tried explaining to my son that her diagnosis just happen to coincide with the time in his life when I needed to start pulling back and letting him be more independent…it just seems like it is because of her T1. Good luck on the T1 journey….like us, having knowledge of how to read labels will come in very handy. Hate that another family is facing these struggles, but glad to meet you!

  3. BRILLIANT ANSWER! This one was tough.


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