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#HAWMC Day 16 True or False: What do you know about Type 1 Diabetes?

Which one of these statements about Type 1 diabetes is false:

1. Type 1 Diabetes is preventable.

2. The only difference between Type 1 and Type 2 is the age of onset of diabetes.

3. People With Type 1 diabetes cannot eat sweets.

4. Taking Insulin cures diabetes.


1.  At this point in time Type 1 diabetes is not preventable.  It is believed to be an auto-immune related disease, where antibodies are kicked in to working by some virus and then begin  to attack the pancreas.  Research is being done in the UK on a vaccine.

2.  Adults and children alike can get either Type 1 or Type 2.  Age is not a factor.  There are many differences between the two diseases and calling them both “diabetes” has created confusion.


3.  People with Type 1 diabetes are able to eat the same foods as the rest of the population.  All people should eat sweets and carbs in moderation.  Most doctors would prefer that people with Type 1 avoid “sugar-free” or artificially sweetened products as those may cause more problems that simple sugar.  A person with Type 1 diabetes needs to know the carb count of the foods they are eating, so that they may give them selves enough insulin to cover the carbs.

4.  And finally, insulin is not a cure.  It is a way to manage Type 1 diabetes, but a cure would mean that the person no longer has diabetes.

I know I was supposed to present 3 truths and 1 lie, but there are so many misconceptions about Type 1 diabetes that I couldn’t help myself.


#HAWMC Day 7 Really? Omega 3 Fatty acids can reverse Type 1? Give me a break!

wego day 7

The following article claims that there are a number of natural “cures” for Type 1 diabetes, including a reversal of Type 1 by ingesting Omega 3 fatty acids. Seriously, “can prevent and even reverse Type 1 in children.” Just STFU! Yes, those things might help make a person healthier…but to CURE type 1 diabetes? I put in bold the most offensive parts of the article.

“The Little Known Natural Cures For Type 1 Diabetes
By Jaan Tamm

Diabetes is a very serious health concern for so many people and the reality is that, if people would look after their health more, then diabetes wouldn’t be such a problem. But if you do have type 1 diabetes, or you know someone who has it, then it is essential to consult your doctor first of all, but also not forget natural cures. There are natural cures for type 1 diabetes, that can help people very much.

For example vitamin E and niacinamide (vitamin B-3), are great supplements, that can really help diabetics. Vitamin E is a well known antioxidant and it can decrease many complications that come with diabetes. Not only that, but it also helps with the normalization of blood flow to the retina, improves kidney function and reduces the risk of heart complications.

Another very important vitamin is vitamin C, that normalizes free radicals in the body, which in turn prevents tissue damage that can even lead to amputation. And it also prevents heart complications and blindness. All kinds of vitamins are essential to the body to fight against type 1 diabetes.

Omega 3 fatty acids are known for their various health benefits, but they also help to prevent and even reverse type 1 diabetes in children. It can be found in fish, nuts or taken as a supplements. All of these natural cures help avoid the awful complications, that can come with diabetes.

If the body has all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, that it needs and if a person does not consume any harmful substances, then they body can effectively fight against any disease.

The more you know about diabetes and natural cures for diabetes, the more things you can try and the better your chances are to beat diabetes. People need to get educated themselves as well and not rely on doctors all the time, because they can`t know everything.

Discover the most effective, safest and cheapest alternative treatments and home remedies to revive your health. No matter what condition or illness you have, you can find help.

Article Source:”

Clearing out the Clutter….or How to Maintain Hope in the Midst of all the Hype?

Today, I am spring cleaning…mopping floors, fluffing pillows etc.

And I am feeling the need to clear my head as well. Yesterday, there was a lot of hype on Facebook about a breakthrough for Type 1 that would/could lead to a cure. I had a feeling that it was regarding a news story I heard a week or so ago about islet transplantation. And it was. Great news that progress is being made in improving the ability to transplant islet cells. I am all in favor of research.


transplantation is not a cure. It is like saying that “chemo and radiation are a cure for cancer.” They aren’t. They kill the cancer cells and may or may not prevent you from getting cancer again. A cure would be that cancer, as a disease could be prevented from happening in the first place.

We need to start looking at all the “diabetes news” clutter out there and sorting it into appropriate boxes: management, treatment, cure

  • Management: any new technology for pumps, cgms,ways to deliver insulin (which includes the Artificial Pancreas), meters, test strips including “apps” and software that help with the day to day job of managing the disease


  • Treatment: Insulin

yep, that’s it…insulin

Okay, I’ll throw pancreas transplant in here and islet transplant as well


  • Cure:




Hmmm,  the Cure box is empty.  Surprise, Surprise (sarcasm intended).

But there are researchers working on a cure.  Dr. Faustman’s study of reversing Type 1 diabetes is promising. or maybe the answer will be  Cardiff University’s Type 1 vaccine.  And there is the gene therapy study being done at the University of Barcelona.  These are just of few of the research projects that are working toward a CURE…not management, not treatment, but at CURE that will eradicate Type 1 and prevent future generations from getting it.

Yes, I love new management products and always want to be one of the first to try them out to help make my daughter’s management of this disease easier UNTIL a cure…not instead of a cure.

And I know that we need lots of options for management, treatment and cures; not every option will work for every person with Type 1.

Whew!  Ok.  One more thing before I get back to my physical spring cleaning.  Find a Type 1 charity that shares your priorities and do everything you can to help the process.  Some of us will have one pet foundation; others will work for as many as physically possible.  Just get out there and take an active part if helping find better management tools, more treatment options and as many potential cures as possible.  We can help by raising awareness about T1.  We can help by talking to our pump/cgm manufacturers and letting them know what will really make daily life better.  We can help by participating in clinical trials. And, I know you don’t want to hear it, but we can help by raising money.   ( Sorry Nike for stealing this but)  “Just Do It”  whatever you can do to help.