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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Life can change in an instant….

With the recent tragic deaths of those sweet children in Sandy Hook, CT I am reminded of how life can change in an instant. My heart is breaking for those families. Nothing on earth is worse than the death of a child. Parents of children with chronic disease live with that fear daily. And I never knew how heavy that fear could be until Dec. 20, 2010.

If you’ve read other posts on this blog, you know that KC was diagnosed that day. Looking back two years later, I am struck by how “normal” life with a Type 1 diabetic has become…..most days. But the sadness, fear, and grief over loss of life as we knew it are emotions that still simmer just below the surface erupting from time to time. A few good nights of sleep do seem to help keep the blues away but sleep deprivation can make this

"Cupcake" favors we made for her Diaversary sleepover

“Cupcake” favors we made for her Diaversary sleepover

DSC03766 D-mama a blubbering mess once again. And like so many D-parents, I struggle to keep those feelings out of KC’s sight.

Even with all the difficulties we’ve faced since Dec. 20, 2010, our lives are richer for the friends we have made in the Type 1 community–both in the “real” world and the virtual world of the DOC. I don’t know what I would have done without the support of other parents of CWD and adults who themselves have Type 1. So thank you to Gina, Stacy, Mary, Erica, Kim, Kristina, Nicole, Janet, Linda, Laurie, Lindsy, Leigh, Hallie, Heather, Moira, Aimee, Kelly,Katrina, Michelle, Megan, and Brooke, Thanks for being part of our journey and letting us be part of yours. God bless you and your sweet T1s!

One lesson I have tried to teach my kids is that life is full of challenges, but it is what you do in the face of those challenges that define your character. You can crumble and fall apart or you can “keep calm and carry on.” So today KC took blue and white cupcakes to school to share with her classmates and show them, once again, that T1s can eat anything! And tomorrow night our house will be filled with 7th grade girls–baking cookies, eating a Cake Boss cake, watching Christmas movies–celebrating KC’s life!


Diabetes Awareness Month: Looking back

November flew by as I spent each day focused of spreading awareness of Type 1 diabetes. I inundated my friends with daily facebook posts. KC and I both took part in the World Diabetes Postcard exchange. And we used this time to promote the Big Blue Test and KC’s Little Blue Test–her science fair project (more on that in February 2013). ┬áHere are some of the highlights: